The Power of Giving

As we come towards this holiday season, I think most people miss the mark in understanding the power of giving. It's not the simple interpretation of someone marveling at a certain gift that they receive from someone. The power of giving is more subtle.

I will use myself as an example. February 5th is the day that I will be giving my book away to thousands of people. Sure, some people will look at it like, "Cool.. this book looks awesome and it's free. I'm totally getting me a copy." And from the thousands of people who get the book, I would estimate that probably a tenth of them will actually read it. Although disappointing, this is the small group that have spoken through their actions and represents the type of people that I would prefer to talk to anyway.

While we live in uncertain times, we have the great privilege of living in this country. Immigrants from around the world still come here for a better life. Every year, I am constantly amazed to read in Entrepreneur or Forbes magazine about the countless number of immigrants who now own multimillion dollar enterprises. I can only wonder about what books they read that got them on that path. It would delight me to hear a successful person say, "It all started when I read a book called Reaching The Finish Line." So, as you can see, there is a deeper meaning in my intentions. My primary motive is to make an impact. Everything else is considered a bonus.

My impact only grows when my book increases in popularity.

So, will you help give away thousands of my books? It takes only 10 seconds and on February 5th, thousands of people will get my book for free (thanks to you). You can make it happen by supporting the campaign through your Facebook and/or Twitter.