1 Year Premium Radio Subscription (PREM 10)


1 Year Premium Radio Subscription (PREM 10)

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I have a Patreon campaign for premium radio subscriptions of Reaching The Finish Line.

Although, if you want to get the best deal, you will only find it here!!!

You can get a 1 year PREM 10 radio subscription for $23 off.  

A PREM 10 Radio Subscription gives you the following:

- 1 hour episode (get the full episode instead of the 30 minute abbreviated episode)
- Early access (After each interview, get each episode in 3 days instead of 1-2 weeks)
- Exclusive discounts on products and services offered by my guests
- Free eBook copy of Reaching The Finish Line


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This is a yearly premium radio subscription. If you are familiar with the radio show and have been listening for a while, then you may prefer the year long subscription. There are no refunds for annual subscriptions.

If you want to upgrade to a premium subscription without an annual commitment, please go to my Patreon page to upgrade on a month to month basis.