Too Busy to Cook? Consider Eating a Bumble Bee!

People are busier than ever nowadays. Whether you are a single mother, entrepreneur, or an underpaid and overworked employee, you know that you are busy.

According to a recent Gallup survey, most Americans are no longer working 40 hours a week, but rather 47 hours a week.

With rising inflation and stagnant wages, the majority of the employees in the workforce are forced to work more to maintain their lifestyle. Despite working more hours, some people still struggle to pay their basic expenses.

A CareerBuilder survey discovered that two-thirds of minimum wage workers fail to make ends meet. Unfortunately, they are faced with making one of the biggest sacrifices, which is losing more of their free time.

Almost no one would disagree that it is hard to eat healthier when you lack the time to prepare your own meals.

Many people opt for nutrition bars as a meal replacement, but many of them are heavily processed with preservatives and artificial ingredients.

Fortunately, I have been impressed with one brand - Bumble Bar.

The above picture includes a few of their varieties. They are organic, gluten free, vegan, and dairy free. They are tasty and packed with protein.

Bumble Bar also has another line of organic products called Juno Bars. They are also gluten and dairy free with 5 grams of protein in every bar. Below is a few of their varieties.

If you are a busy employee or entrepreneur, consider buying some Bumble Bars as a healthier option to satisfy hunger until your next meal.