The Expat Entrepreneur: Spain (Day 21)

The third week has come to an end. The biggest lesson that I have learned this week is the tortilla. As the Spanish say, "A tortilla is not a tortilla." They often say that when comparing their tortilla with the other Spanish-speaking countries.

Corn, salt, lemon, and water are the ingredients that form the tortilla throughout Latin America. Although, that is not a tortilla in Spain. Potatoes, onions, and eggs form Spain's tortilla. 

I must say that it is quite a wholesome and healthy meal to start your morning.

Isn't it interesting how we define things? Clearly, in the food example, Spaniards define a tortilla much differently than people in other Spanish-speaking countries. 

The same applies to words like "normal", "nice", "patient", "considerate", "inspired", "confident" among others. Often, we subjectively define ourselves and others based on our beliefs. 

I used to argue with people to show them their hypocrisy. Thankfully, I have learned that it is not a good use of my time.

It is hard to listen to a person talk about their confidence when they have yet to embrace uncertainty. 

I avoid at all costs to be a hypocrite. I truly practice what I preach to you. In the last few minutes of this video, I talk about how we live among uncertainty all the time. In addition, I share why it is easier to embrace uncertainty when you are always surrounded by it.