Lesson 2: Reflections from the Camino De Santiago

A year later, I find myself on the Camino De Santiago. I did not imagine that I would be taking this journey.

Some people do it for spiritual reasons. Some people do it for health reasons. Other people do it for a challenge.

Initially, I thought that it is just a trail and walking a few days should not be too difficult. Many people think of it in the same way too.

Perception is not reality.

This is an important principle that I need to remind myself on a daily basis. It only took me a day to realize that it is not just an ordinary trail.

My first trek, Ourense to Cea, was very hilly. I have not experienced so much steepness since I hiked Mount Monadnock. It did not take long to recognize that the Camino De Santiago will be more challenging than I anticipated.

This is no different in our everyday life. We often make assumptions about people and things. It is not uncommon for us to be surprised that some of those assumptions are wrong.  

Adversity can become more daunting when we are setting expectations for people and things. Many people will fail us. Many things will fail us. If you are not making assumptions and setting expectations, no one or nothing will fail you.

The best way to address adversity is to be open to possibilities. Be open-minded.  

We are fortunate to participate in this experience called life. Within that experience, we have many other experiences on the micro level. It is these experiences that we label "good" and "bad." The reality is that those experiences are neutral.

Did you know that two people can have the same experience and feel differently about it?

Our reactions are different. It is our behavior patterns that form our personality.

Personality - > Mentality -> Reaction

Our reactions are a byproduct of our personality. Do you notice what falls in the middle? Mentality! 

Your mentality shapes your reality of the world. Perception is not reality. Perception is only your reality, which can be inaccurate at times.

Do you want change in your life? It starts with your mentality. It is the first step to start reaching your finish line!