3 Lifestyle Alternatives If You Hate American Politics

The state of American politics is ridiculous. It is no surprise why 45% of Americans did not vote in this year’s election.

Almost 100 million Americans were not satisfied with the choices in this election. Can you blame them?

Besides the major party nominees, very few people believe in the minor parties to vote for them. Bill Weld’s (Libertarian Party VP nominee) endorsement of Clinton only discourages more people for voting for third party candidates.

55% of Americans voted somebody for President. The voters were not necessarily voting for a candidate because of their policies.  There was a portion of the voters that only voted to ensure defeat for the other candidate.

Many people call it, voting for one of the lesser of two evils. Some people feel that their vote makes a difference. Other people feel that voting for a somewhat likeable candidate is better than voting for nobody.

It is hard for me to vote for someone unless the candidate and I shared very similar values.

So, what if you hate the political system? Do you still have other options? Thankfully, you do have other options.  

Go Off The Grid

Going off the grid is an inexpensive and stress-free way to detach yourself from the American political system.

Going off the grid is not for everyone as it will require you to live a rural lifestyle. Many of the big city conveniences will not be as available to rural town residents.

Although, there are benefits.

First and foremost, you will enjoy a quiet and peaceful environment. You would not have to worry about living in a highly populated area, where people are talking about politics or displaying political messaging on vehicles, lawns, or apparel.

In addition, not subscribing to cable TV will significantly decrease your chances of being exposed to mainstream politics. If you need your movies and TV shows, you can subscribe to a video streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. They are cheaper too.

Going off grid is a good opportunity to employ solar panels, start a garden, and connect with nature on a deeper level.

Become a Free Stater

A Free Stater? What’s that?

A Free Stater is a participant of the Free State Project. Every day, people sign the statement as a pledge to make the move to New Hampshire within five years.

The Free State Project is an educational non-profit organization that educates people about the advantages of living in New Hampshire.

New Hampshire is the only state with a low tax burden, low level of dependence on federal spending, and citizen legislature that limits the annual salary to $100 for state representatives.

Tell more about New Hampshire.

·         The state is home to 22 companies on the Inc. 5000 list.

·         The best state to find a home based on housing availability and affordability (via OECD).

·         New Hampshire’s household disposable income is the highest in the country (via OECD).

Tell more about the Free State Project.

·         The FSP has a Welcome Wagon. They are a team of liberty activists eager to welcome you by ensuring that many people offer support for your move.

·         Shire Sharing is an initiative founded by a Free Stater. It is a collaborative effort to address social problems through voluntary action and private charity.

·         The FSP is a grassroots initiative for people interested in being actively or passively involved in local politics. It is also a great place for the apolitical crowd.

As a former Free Stater, I only say former because I have not lived there in a while. Last year, I decided to live abroad for a while. Although, if I decided to live in the U.S. permanently, New Hampshire would be among the few states on the list.  

Reflecting from my former Free State Project experience, I was not required to be involved in anything at all. Some people may prefer that as they may want to unplug from it all. If so, the Free State Project is a good option to take into consideration.

Being a Free Stater does not attach or affiliate you with any political party. It is just an opportunity to experience liberty as a lifestyle.  

Living Abroad

Saying goodbye can be hard, especially for new expats. However, if you really want to be away from it all, then expatriating to another country is the best way to do it.

Expatriating does not only give you the opportunity to separate yourself from American politics, but it also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lower cost of living and higher quality of life.

This year, I have lived in Mexico, Spain, and England. Mexico and Spain are cheaper to live without a doubt.

Last year, I rented a 3 bedroom house in Mexico for $375 per month. That same house priced in a U.S. neighborhood would have cost three to five times as much.  

A few months ago, I was living in Spain and noticed cheaper prices on food and housing than the United States.

Many Brits go to Spain for getaways, gap years, sabbaticals, and retirement. Like many Brits, Americans also go south for the same reasons. They often just go to Mexico instead.

There are many countries for Americans to find a new home. It is all based on your preferences – language, climate, health care quality, to name a few.  

Perhaps, you may prefer to be a nomad instead. It may be best for you to hop around a bit before you decide on a country to live permanently.

If either abroad lifestyle interests you, I wrote an article that explains the difference between an expat and a nomad.

The Final Word

Whether you have fear or disgusted by American politics, please remember that you have options.

We do not have control over everything, but we do have control on our reactions to those things.

So, which is the best path for you?