The Expat Entrepreneur: Spain (Day 40)

I am still here in Spain's 5th biggest city, Zaragoza (a city in the middle of Madrid and Barcelona).

The Spanish Sunday can make the city look like a ghost town as many stores are often closed on that day. Restaurants are the exception.

Interestingly, I have found a good grocery store that is open on Sundays. El Supermercado is a grocery store chain owned by the Chinese.

Many Spaniards do not approve of it as it does not respect their cultural tradition. Although, some Spaniards can still be seen shopping at El Supermercado

That is one of many examples of expat entrepreneurship. There are so many opportunities available worldwide. Kudos to the Chinese for successfully filling a need. 

Opportunities are endless. So, there is always a way to serve a need with a business.

Many people ask me about my strategy in forming relationships with so many influential people.

As stated before, it starts with serving a need. If you want to work with Oprah, then you need to consider how you can serve a need that is meaningful to Oprah. 

It could be a bit difficult if you are not meeting your people of interest offline. I would definitely recommend attending events, where they will be present to increase your chances of meeting them in person.

Whether your intent is to connect with them offline or online, there are no promises. It takes time. Although, if you are persistent, then you will likely connect with them.

In this video, I go a bit deeper with some examples.