3 Reasons Why You Are Not Being Heard on Social Media

Do you want to be heard on social media? You are not alone. Many people want to be heard to spread and grow awareness about their business. Some people want to be heard to educate and influence people to join their cause. Those are just two reasons, but there are only a few among many others.

Unfortunately, many people are not being heard on social media. Here are three reasons why you are not being heard on social media.

Lack of Care

Do you care about your social media followers? I do. Perhaps, some people wonder how is it possible to care for hundreds to thousands of followers. 

Your followers do not expect you to be their best friend. After all, they probably have hundreds or thousands of friends or followers on all of their social channels. Probably, half of them will miss half of your social posts. 

I care about my followers by offering them lots of value. I am not posting about my products and services every day. 

Some people will argue that they have to market their products and service to get sales. I agree, but social media marketing is only one way.

If many of your Facebook friends or followers see that you are selling day after day on your profile, they will just remove you from their social feed by clicking the button, Unfollow.

Facebook noticed that people were doing this very thing, which is why they implemented Facebook Ads. Twitter and LinkedIn have copied Facebook by selling ads on their sites too.

If you are using your Facebook profile as a marketing tool, you will only reach a fraction of your followers. Don't believe me? Try this experiment. 

  • Go to your Facebook profile.

  • Click on a profile of a popular friend - someone who has thousands of friends or followers.

  • Make a mental note of the total amount of their friends or followers.

  • Scroll through their Facebook posts to see how many likes, shares, and comments that they receive from each of their posts.

You will notice that he or she is only grabbing the attention of a fraction of their followers. If you have a Facebook Page, you will also notice that the total reach of each post is a fraction of your followers.

This is also possible when your friends do not see all or any of your posts, due to the posts coming to them from the hundreds to thousands of their friends. 

Facebook created this problem to offer a solution - Facebook Ads

If you want your posts to reach the maximum amount of people, start educating your audience with your infographics, podcast interviews, YouTube interviews, visual quotes, and blog posts.

The majority of people buy from other people that they know, like, and trust. How can you build a relationship with your followers if you are selling to them every day?

Do you truly care? Your actions will tell the true story of your intentions.

Lack of Frequency

As stated, more Facebook posts are not being seen. If you are on Twitter, it is even worse. The half-life of a tweet is 24 minutes. The half-life means that up to half of your Twitter followers will see your Tweet. It does not mean that they will click on it, but they will see it. So, two or three tweets a day are not going to be enough. 

Perhaps, you may face the problem on other social platforms like LinkedIn among others.

The only way to overcome this challenge is by posting more social posts and creating a frequency that build trust with your followers.

If you decide to post four times tomorrow, then commit to four times every day. Again, create a posting frequency that will build trust with your followers. 

Like radio and television shows, you can expect them to come on the same time consistently. If your followers are going to replace their favorite shows with your content, they want to know first that you can be counted on to deliver social media content on a consistent basis.

The smart and efficient way to do this is with a social media automation app. With that app, you can pick one day to schedule all of your social media posts. You will save time and be more productive. 

Lack of Variety

Some people prefer to read blog posts. Some people prefer to listen to radio or podcast interviews. Other people prefer to watch videos. It is hard to know the statistics unless you are surveying the content preferences of your audience. 

It is important to understand that our best mode of learning is different. The VARK model is a popular theory that describes the four types of learners. 

  • Visual (recalls information best by viewing things like infographics, memes, maps, and charts)

  • Auditory (recalls information best after reciting it back)

  • Reading / Writing (recalls information best by reading and/or writing)

  • Kinesthetic (recalls information best from participating in a hands-on activities)

I learn best by reading and writing, but you may learn best in another way. You can take this test to discover which is your learning preference. 

Your social media content needs to be a variety of formats to appeal to different types of people in your audience. Otherwise, your sole form of content will only appeal to a fraction of your audience, which will cause the others to leave and find something more suitable for them.

One App for Caring, Frequency, and Variety 

How can a person show that they care about their audience, while offering a variety of content on a frequent basis? You can do by using a social media automation application.

There are several of those apps, including the most popular ones - HootSuite and Buffer. I like SocialOomph. What is so special about SocialOomph?

With this app, you can not only schedule posts, but you can find great people to follow, track keywords, save and reuse social posts, track your clicks, and view who has mentioned you. 

You can connect this app to your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Plurk accounts. You can also create social updates from your RSS feed entries, which could include blog posts or audios. 

SocialOomph has increased my social media productivity by 40%.

If you could increase your productivity on social media by 30%, 40%, or even 50%, how much would that be worth to you?

SocialOomph has both a free and paid plan. The paid plan is a great investment if you are serious about maximizing your social media efforts in the most efficient way.  

HootSuite and Buffer are also great apps, but I found that SocialOomph is the most user friendly.

So, are you ready to start automating? Now, you know why are not being heard on social media. It is time to be heard!