3 Guys Saving the World with Social Entrepreneurship


How do we save the world? Do we do it through politics or religion? What if we needed neither to achieve this mission?

What if we could work with the private sector and grassroots movements to achieve the same mission? We could work with them, but society is among so many distractions. The mainstream media still live in the homes of the majority.

Have you noticed the mainstream media only covers grassroots movements when it is convenient for their ratings?

Have you noticed the mainstream media only covers the big businesses in the private sector? What about the small businesses in the social entrepreneurship sector?

Most people are tired of CNN (aka Constant Negative News) and the politically biased news channels. Thankfully, more people are tuning into alternative sources of media.

Recently, I interviewed three interesting guys who are saving the world through social entrepreneurship. Each social entrepreneur is trying to use his business to save the world differently.

1. WooBamboo

WooBamboo is a natural, oral care company led by Christopher Fous. Almost all of toothbrushes are plastic. Many of those disposed toothbrushes are not recycled and end up in our landfills.

Instead, Christopher built his eco-friendly business by using bamboo to create toothbrushes. His socially conscious company found a great niche that generated much interest from stores and consumers. As a result, WooBamboo's products are in over 8,000 stores worldwide.

How did WooBamboo generate so much interest from retailers and the public? What are his secrets to success?

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2. Waiakea

Waiakea is a volcanic, bottled water company led by Ryan Emmons. He gives a better option for consumers -- an option that is eco-friendly, healthy, and charitable.

The naturally alkaline water is filtered through lava rock, which infuses it with minerals and electrolytes. Waiakea gives over 2% of the company's revenue to nonprofit partners in Africa and Hawaii. The volcanic, bottled water product is in almost 10,000 stores.

How was Waiakea able to be so charitable and profit simultaneously?

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3. Bioquark

Bioquark is a medical biotech company led by Ira Pastor. Their mission is to use a combination of biologics to repair tissues and regenerate organs.

What if your loved one could regenerate a lost limb? What if your friend could regenerate skin tissue to heal perfectly from a third-degree burn? If these scientific procedures prove to be effective, will the marketplace make these procedures affordable to the average person?

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The Final Word

Can you take a break from tuning into the mainstream media?

If you have a deep interest in health, there are many health publications and podcasts that offer unbiased perspectives on the subject. If you have a deep interest in environmental issues, there are also many niche publications and podcasts that offer unbiased perspectives regarding the topic.

My podcast, Reaching The Finish Line, are interviews about social entrepreneurship, serial entrepreneurship, and lifestyle entrepreneurship infused with personal development to inspire listeners to reach their finish line.

Does my podcast interest you? My point is to find your interest and use the internet to find your preferred source of alternative media.

Otherwise, you will never learn about lesser known entrepreneurs who are saving the world with bamboo, volcanoes, and genetics...