Travel 101: A Primer for New Travelers, Expats, and Nomads

Traveling is that one thing everyone would like to do more often in their life. Unfortunately, work gets in the way and makes it impossible at times.

Although, most corporations offer their employees at least one or two weeks of vacation time. If you are an entrepreneur, you do not necessarily have those restrictions. So, whichever role that you play in the workforce, it is still possible to travel to enjoy your vacation experience.

If you live in a Westernized country, you typically have five modes of travel - flights, car rentals, train rides, ship cruises, and bus rides. Each travel mode has its advantages and disadvantages.


Flights offer the fastest travel time to your destination. There are some exceptions. Although, you will still arrive at your destination faster, even if you have a layover. That is the main advantage without a doubt.

The main disadvantage is airport security. I do not know about your country, but the TSA does not have a good reputation in the United States. Unfortunately, you are required to pay them money if you seek a hassle-free experience.

Perhaps, your country has a better experience with airport security. I can attest that there are countries as such.

Car Rentals

The car rental industry has improved within the last few years. Car2Go and Turo are among many that have made car rentals cheaper and more convenient.

You may prefer to rent a car, even if you have one already. What if you prefer a luxury car for the trip? Car rentals are getting cheaper. So, why not indulge a little bit? Besides, if you will be away for two weeks, you probably will be hauling a lot of things with you.

The main advantages with car rentals are space and convenience. With a car rental, you can take more things with you. It is ideal if you will be going on an adventurous trip or extended vacation. Also, the convenience allows you to get in your car rental and go anywhere you desire during your vacation.

The main disadvantages are time and fuel costs. Unfortunately, you do not have much control over this factor. If you can buy and store fuel before a price spike, you can avoid paying higher prices. Time is another factor. If the distance between your home and destination is more than six hours, you might not prefer the long drive.

Train Rides

Unlike car rentals, the train industry has stagnated within the last decade.  In the United States, Americans are limited to Amtrak for regional and cross country travel.

The main advantage is that it can give people an experience of a lifetime. If you prefer scenic journeys, traveling by train offers a great sightseeing opportunity.

The main disadvantages are price and time. Like car rentals, travel times are longer. Although, they are still shorter than car trips. I do not know about train fares in other countries, but Amtrak would be the most expensive option for the traveler.

Ship Cruises

Like car rentals, the cruise industry has improved within the last few years. You can visit many travel booking websites and find great deals on cruises.

The main advantages are their prices and the opportunity to see multiple destinations. Cruises are unique since they offer travel and entertainment in one package. During the cruise, the ship will take a few rest stops to let people off to experience the countries. Nowadays, cruise ticket prices are affordable to everyone.

The main disadvantages are time restrictiveness and seasickness. If an emergency arises in your life, it is not so easy to get up and leave the cruise. After all, you will be on a ship lying in the middle of the ocean or sea. Furthermore, some people may suffer from seasickness.

Bus Rides

Like car rentals, the bus industry has improved within the last few years. Megabus and Boltbus are among many that have made bus fares cheaper and more convenient. Most of these buses have free WiFi and electric sockets.

There are also travel aggregator sites that bring you the best deal. Busbud is the best example because their niche is buses. I do not need to go anywhere else to compare bus trip prices. They show the options and allow the user to book the ticket directly through their site.

The main advantages are prices and convenience. Do you want a $1 bus ticket? With Busbud, it is possible if you book the ticket far in advance. Then, there is the convenience of having extra leg room, free WiFi, and electric sockets. Boredom? Very unlikely.

The main disadvantage is time. If you need to be at your destination in the quickest time possible, a bus trip will not be the solution.

The Final Word

Everyone should travel more. There are several benefits of traveling, besides the fun. 

For example, did you know that travel offers the same physical and cognitive benefits as crossword puzzles and museum visits?