How to Love When You Are Single on Valentine's Day or Any Other Day


Do you want to know how to love as a single person, regardless if it is Valentine's Day or a special occasion?

As a single person, I think it is a stupid tradition to wait for a holiday or special occasion to show it. Some people may wonder how can a single person show love when their current relationships do not inspire them to show it. It is a good question!

As a single person, I know how to love, but I struggle at times. Many people have felt that some people are not worthy of love. Many people have different perceptions of love, which reinforces their belief that some people do not deserve it.

Today is Valentine's Day! Today is another day that people have made a conscious choice to be single. Maybe they are okay with a "friend with benefits" relationship. For these people, they may have a special, romantic date with their friend and end the night with sexual intimacy. Conversely, there is another group of singles who have been seeking love for a long time. They have been single for years and want to be loved again.

The best way to receive love is by giving it. Giving love will not necessarily bring a significant other into your life, but it will bring more love into your life. We live in a world that is hugely based on the law of averages.

Wikipedia defines the law of averages as a particular outcome or event is inevitable because it is statistically possible. For example, if a person has an active, dating profile and lives in a city with hundreds of matches, they are very likely to get dates if they are reaching out to people daily.

With the law of averages in mind, giving love on a daily basis will gradually and incrementally bring more love in your life. By incorporating this kindness into your daily routine, you may find your significant other outside of a dating website. As stated before, many people have different perceptions of love. Unfortunately, many people do not realize the love that surrounds them. They are unable to receive it because they have closed their heart from receiving love.

I do not know your life story. Perhaps, you may feel righteous in pushing people away. Perhaps, you may feel righteous in being very slow to trust people. Your experiences have formed your reality of the world. Although, you need to understand one thing. Your personality reflects your personal reality. If you look closely, you will see that personality is a fusion of the two words, personal and reality.

Take a moment and look at your personality. Think about the things you like about your personality. I am sure you can name several things. Now, think about the things you dislike about your personality. Perhaps, you have noticed a few of those character attributes that needs to be addressed, once and for all. Why do you behave that way when that person or situation is among you?

At some point, you formed thoughts about an experience that made you produce a certain emotion. That certain emotion caused you to possess an attitude. By reminding yourself of that experience frequently, you recognize those thoughts. You also recognize that emotion. That emotion puts you in an attitude and eventually becomes part of your personality over time.

You do not need to be loved to understand how to love someone. It is the easier way, but it is not the only way. I can attest that it is easier to love when you have a great relationship with your significant other. There is so much love from that relationship that you want to share the excess love with more people. Although, there are many acts of love that you can perform for others, even if you are single. As a single introvert, I prefer to focus on investing my time and resources in a few people. Extroverts typically prefer the contrary. Nevertheless, being single has its advantages. Are you taking advantage of them?

So, why wait for Valentine's Day to lure a friend into having a special night with you? Or why wait for Valentine's Day to honor your mother as your Valentine? Why wait for any special occasion to love someone? Is that the only way you know how to love someone?

The past is behind us. The present is among us and the future is not guaranteed. How willing are you to love others? If you are willing and prefer assistance, take some time to invest in your personal development as it will determine whether you will reach the finish line.