Progress Is A Process

Stop The Excuses Please = STEP

Before you can take the first step, you have to realize what are the excuses preventing you from moving forward. Sometimes, as people begin their journey in reaching the finish line, they allow excuses to creep back in and talk them out of moving forward. This is why the STEP acronym is so important. Each step you take should be another reminder that you will not make any more excuses. Excuses really has no place for productive people.

Progress is a process and that includes the things that we desire the most in life.

A baby = 9 months

An ideal spouse = 6 months to 3 years

Significant weight loss = 1-6 months 

A great career = 1 month to 5 years (refer to your city or county unemployment rate to get a more accurate depiction)

There is not always a timeline to the process but we can always use our progress as the motivating tool to keep us moving forward. Remember, each step forward should remind us that there is no room for excuses. Frame this in your brain: Stop The Excuses Please. That's Step 1!