2 Things to Take Along When Time Is Against You

Will it be possible to live past 100 years feeling physically and mentally youthful? With the advancement of healthcare technology, it may be very possible within the lifetime of millennials.

Unfortunately, hoping will do not much for else right now. We do have the present. The present is constantly present. The past is as fast as a moment ago. The future is as fast as a moment ahead.

We cannot control time. It is nor a friend or enemy to anyone. It is neutral and consistent. The best strategy to efficiently work with time is optimizing it.

Sometimes, people will say that they do not have enough time. That is surely true for some people. Careless planning and bad decisions have created burdens for many people. Transformations do not happen instantaneously, but they can occur eventually.

There is one area in many lives that people will attribute the excuse to lack of time. Healthy eating! Many people will say that I do not have enough time. So, as a result, they buy food at convenience stores or fast food restaurants. Many of those foods are high in carbohydrates with very little to no protein. 

The good news is that there are better options. Here are two examples.

If you love granola, then you will probably love Viki's Granola. It is a gluten-free granola with rolled oats, organic honey, and a sprinkle of almonds and pecans. The product is NON-GMO Project Verified and available in 12-ounce bags. One cup of granola will give you 12 grams of protein - the equivalent of 2 boiled eggs. 

Do you love chocolate? You probably do! Although, some people would classify it as candy or junk food. The truth is that it depends on the chocolate product. If a chocolate product has artificial flavors and/or colors, it should be rightly classified as junk food. Also, if sugar is the first ingredient on the list of ingredients, it should be considered junk food too.

Unlike Hershey's or the other big brands, the dark chocolate at Endorfin Foods is a healthy alternative. They do not roast their cacao beans, which allows them to deliver the maximum range of flavor and antioxidants. All of their chocolate bars are dairy-free, gluten-free, and soy-free. Moreover, their bars do not contain any refined sugar. Instead, they use coconut sugar (a low-glycemic sweetener). Each bar has 5 grams of protein. 

When time is against me, I have traveled with both of these products. It does not substitute a meal, but the 17 grams of protein can stave off hunger until your next meal. So, enjoy your dark chocolate and granola without any guilt.