The Pittsburgh Experience: The City of Steel, The City of Bridges

Pittsburgh is the overlooked city in Pennsylvania. The city of brotherly love gets most of the attention. It is the World Heritage city of the United States. The home of the Philly cheesesteak. The home of Rocky Balboa.

Fortunately, there is more charm in the Keystone state. Pittsburgh is Pennsylvania's second biggest city and lies on the opposite side of the state. Pittsburgh is commonly known as the Steel City, due to its 300+ steel-related businesses. It is also known as the city of bridges - 446 to be exact.

I became more interested in Pittsburgh since I was attending a conference for two days. I wanted to take the opportunity to spend some time after the conference to experience the city.

So, I stayed four nights at the Morning Glory Inn in the city's Southside neighborhood. I enjoyed a comfy stay and enjoyed a variety of their delightful breakfast meals. The bed and breakfast inn is not the only good thing in the Southside.

The neighborhood has many conveniences, including ethnic restaurants, boutique clothing stores, and sports bars. The neighborhood also has easy access to public transit. If you want nature, Southside will not disappoint you. Moreover, there is the Three Rivers Heritage Trail and a few small parks throughout the area.

Then, there is the Oakland neighborhood across the river. The Phipps Conservatory is one of Oakland's charms. It is a botanical garden in Schenley Park and a historic landmark in the city.

I could have easily spent the whole day there. Each room presents a different type of beauty to the observer. This garden will soothe and relax you. I can attest that I felt better upon my departure.

Before leaving the city, there was one more thing on my to-do list. The Duquesne Incline. A generous man paid my fare to give me the opportunity to experience one of the best views in Pittsburgh.

Philadelphia is not the only charm in Pennsylvania. Consider visiting Pittsburgh!