A Pacifist's Approach to Winning Against Anxiety

Success is not a destination. Instead, it is an ongoing journey.

This article is an addendum to my last article, which was a brave attempt to exemplify the problems in my life. Those expressed emotions are not a depiction of my feelings on a daily basis, but they do surface from time to time.

Most successful people do not live perfect lives. If more successful people were transparent, you would be quite surprised.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to be transparent with the public.

Some people would rather be discreet for fear of being criticized by others. I used to feel that way. I feel sorry for them. I also feel sorry for the many judgmental people.

Very few people want to better understand people. Instead, most people find it easier to make assumptions from partial information. It is quite common and convenient, but it is ignorant as well.

I cannot control the assumptions that may arise in a person’s mind about me. Although, that person can prevent those assumptions by asking better questions.

Do I suffer from anxiety? Sure. Who does not suffer from anxiety nowadays?

18% of American adults suffer from an anxiety disorder. 25% of American teenagers suffer from an anxiety disorder. Then, you have the shadow population – the undiagnosed group. Unfortunately, these people do not ask for help and continue to suffer from anxiety.

What is the percentage of adults in this group? What is the percentage of teenagers in this group? It is hard to quantify when these people refuse to come forward with their issues.

Maybe you are among those people. Maybe you prefer to keep quiet because you fear being judged by your family or peers.

Could you recognize an anxiety disorder? Many people are unable to do so. As a result, they may be a victim of an anxiety disorder.

Social anxiety disorder affects 15 million Americans.

Post-traumatic stress disorder affects 7.7 million Americans. Often, men may develop this disorder after completing their military service. Conversely, women will usually develop this disorder after being raped by someone.

Generalized anxiety disorder affects 6.8 million Americans. Women are twice more likely to be affected by this disorder.

Anxiety affects 40 million Americans on record and millions more off the record. Yet, only a fraction of them will seek help.

Perhaps, the Trump presidency has brought some anxiety in your life. I can offer many different examples, but my point is that almost all of us are victims of anxiety.

Many people are anxious about things that may never affect them. Other people may justify their reason for being anxious about a matter.

In the last article, I talked about my health challenges. Most people will agree that it would be normal and acceptable for me to have some anxiety.

Most experts or gurus refrain from publicizing the dark areas of their life. Not me! I am not perfect, nor do I live a utopian lifestyle. I have inspired many people with my success, but I still have problems. Although, it is the courage to continue that makes the difference.

I recognize that being fully transparent to the public may cause more anxiety. Although, my intention will help more people with the same or similar problems. I want more people to reach the finish line, so I trust my efforts will pay off in the end.