Your Beliefs About 9/11 Will Not Help You Reach The Finish Line


Every September, many people reflect on September 11th, 2001. Some people may have lost a loved one. Some people may have lost money in the financial markets. Other people may have been angered by the event for other reasons.

Whatever you believe about what really happened on that day, there was a positive that came from it. That event united the overwhelming majority of the country. It was not about being Democrat, Republican, or Libertarian. It was about being American.

Unfortunately, people have redefined the definition of being American. Since 9/11, we have allowed politics to divide our country once again. Political stances are being used to define whether a person is for or against America.

Do we need these types of events to bring us together? Why can’t we come together without being incentivized from a devastating event?

Despite the proposed question, people still care more about the cause of the event. There are typically three opinions regarding what really happened on that day.

The Official Story

Al-Qaeda (a Muslim terrorist organization) flew a plane into the World Trade Center.

The Government Allowed This to Happen

The U.S. government knew that Al-Qaeda planned to do it and refused to do anything to prevent it.

The Government Orchestrated 9/11

The U.S. government trained Muslim terrorists and planned for this event to happen to justify a reason for going to war.

Building 7

This does not exclude people’s thoughts about Building 7. Some say that a plane hit it. Some say that the debris from the main World Trade Center caused Building 7 to fall in its footprint. Others believe that the government orchestrated a controlled demolition.

Are You Really Progressive?

Whatever you believe about 9/11 is your right, but it does not mean anything. You can turn your awareness to the past, but you cannot control the past. You can live in the past, but it prevents you from being in the present moment and planning for the future.

Progress is about moving forward. Are you moving forward with your life? Or are you so obsessed about being fixated on a past event? The past has passed us. You cannot pass the past. Being progressive is about focusing on today’s issues, preferably your own issues.

We currently live in a rapidly changing world. Millennials and technology are the biggest influences in this generation. Millennials have contributed heavily to the growth of the technology sector. I personally believe that it is far more important to be concerned about thriving in the Generation Y era. I authored a book about it because I believe that it is so pertinent nowadays.

If you lost a loved one on 9/11, I am sorry for your loss. I know the feeling of losing people. By the time that I graduated from high school, almost all of my loved ones died from gang violence or killed by the police.

If you lost lots of money in the financial markets on 9/11, I am also sorry for your loss. I have had a few financial losses throughout my life that has put me on the verge of poverty.

Perhaps, if you have lost something else on 9/11, I have lost other things too. I have been struggling in my health in the last two years. I have not physically felt great in a long time.

You will give your attention to the very things that you care about the most. I hope that is not 9/11. September 11th, 2001 is the past. It does not mean anything. If it does mean anything, it means that a devastating, national event appears to be necessary for our country to be united.