4 Things Every Entrepreneur Should Know About Perseverance

By Abdul Ganiy Shehu

Starting as an entrepreneur is a journey that frightens many people. It is common to marvel after today's successful entrepreneurs. We often ignore their background and challenges. All we see is their achievements.  

Many new entrepreneurs have read these successes and wish to be like them too. They think of an idea, turn it into a business, and expect success overnight. 

Every entrepreneur must have perseverance. I will reveal four things that every entrepreneur should know about perseverance.

1. If at first, you don’t succeed. Try again! 

I am sure that you have heard this quote at least once. Is it possible to succeed when you start? When you meet failure, does it mean that your idea is worthless? 

It is difficult to achieve greatness without overcoming challenges. Milton Hershey is a great example. 

Before achieving all of his success, it started with failure. He failed at first. He had three unsuccessful candy businesses in three cities (Philadelphia, Chicago and New York).

Yet, these failures did not hinder him. He went ahead to Lancaster to establish and grow his chocolate empire. Failures will occur, but it should not deter you from succeeding.

2. Success does not make you immune from failing again. 

You can still fail despite your previous successes. What is the truth about success? There is not a simple set of rules. While there are some general rules, everyone achieves great success in their own way. 

It is possible that you experience success early in your career. Is that the end of the road? Are there no other hurdles to cross? 

Winston Churchill said: “Success comprises going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.” 

Steve Jobs grew Apple into a $2 billion empire within a decade. One would have thought he will never experience failure. He got fired from his own company, but he did not give up. 

He founded NEXT and Pixar. It was not too long before his former company asked him to run Apple again. Failure after success is nothing more than an opportunity to achieve greater things.

3. Giving up is the point of failure. 

The first Harry Potter book was rejected by 12 publishers. She got rejected 12 times! She did not give up. It was the 13th publisher that gave her book contract. Now, she has a multi-billion dollar brand today. 

Another famous novelist, Stephen King, wrote his first novel, Carrie. It was rejected by 30 times before it was published! Today, he has written 50 novels that has sold a combined total of 300+ million copies.

What would have happened if he had given up on his dream? We would have never had the opportunity of enjoy his book.

Never give up! Your next step could be your best step!

4. Age does not determine potential. 

There is a notion that you cannot be a success when you are much older. 

If you do not succeed today, it does not mean that you cannot succeed tomorrow or next month. Never assume that you are too old to succeed. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a business that resulted from an idea of a 62 year old man. 

Colonel Sanders started KFC with a $105 social security check. Within a decade, he grew the business into a multi-million dollar company. Age is not intended to be an barrier for anyone. Unfortunately, many people use it as an excuse. 

The Final Word

Great entrepreneurs have showed us that perseverance and persistence are prerequisites for success. Another important thing is that they love their work. Passion should never be lacking in your journey as an entrepreneur. 

It is your passion that will bring you closer to reaching the finish line!

Abdul Ganiy Shehu is a freelance writer, content marketer, and owner of Winsome Writer Services.