5 Empowering Stories to Inspire Your Courage and Faith

This month, I asked my email subscribers to briefly describe a time in their life when they felt courageous yet conflicted, but took the leap of faith anyway. After many years of adult life experience, I have more courage and faith to do things. Although, I still struggle with finding the courage and faith with certain things too.

I believe that I set a good example for my subscribers, but I still accept my imperfections regarding certain things. My subscribers and I were having a conversation and these were the experiences that they shared with me.

My friend broke my heart. When my fiance told me that she was trying to break up our relationship, I couldn’t believe it. I have known my friend since childhood — much longer than my fiance.

I had suspicions that my fiance was not a fan of my friend. So, I thought that he was trying to separate me from my friend. After months of discussing it at length, he forced me to choose either him or my friend. I cried so hard that day. I couldn’t give him an answer.

That night, I called my friend and she finally admitted that his allegations were true. She wanted my fiance to eventually marry and wanted me to remain as her friend. I couldn’t believe that she wanted me to accept this as my new reality. Somehow she believed that my fiance was holding back from being with her because of me.

My fiance had concerns about how the relationship with her would affect the future of our relationship. Although, he had the courage to tell me about it and the faith that I would make the right decision. I’m so grateful to have him. - K. Jones

My son hated me. I was a young women who wasn’t ready to be a mother yet. His father died from cancer. I was scared. I wasn’t ready to be responsible, even though someone was depending on me to be there for him.

I gave my son up for adoption. Then, after my son’s twelfth birthday, his adopted parents died in a car accident.

At that time, I was more financially stable, but I was scared about the possibility of adopting my son. I wasn’t sure if he would embrace me as his mother. Despite the doubts, I knew that I owed it to him and wanted to be the mother that he deserved.

So, I gathered the courage and adopted my son. It has been the best decision that I have ever made. It took a few years, but my faith in our relationship made the difference. - J. Coffey

I regret not being more involved in my son’s life. It’s hard for me to deny that my negligence led to my son’s interest in crime. My son committed a crime that would cost several years of prison. I took the blame for his crime with the hope that my son would appreciate me.

I spent three years in prison and my son never visited me or called to say thank you.

I don’t regret it. I had the courage to spend a few years in prison to give my son a second chance. I did feel conflicted because I was putting my life on hold. Although, I did it because I have faith that my act of courage will bring my son and I together in person and in harmony someday. - S. McNeil

Many people say that you will never play professional sports if you don’t get drafted from college. It’s true most of the time. Although, I had a burning desire to play professional football.

Despite the negative persuasions, I stayed fit and continued to network to build my contacts in that industry. I wasn’t going to limit myself to playing for the National Football League. There were other options too.

After three tryouts, I signed a 1 year contract to play for a team in the XFL and another 1 year contract to play for a team in Canada. I wasn’t the best player during those two years, but I enjoyed every moment of it. Now, I’m an assistant coach of a high school football team and college football team.

I had the courage. There were doubts that made me feel conflicted. But guess what? I didn’t give up. I HAD FAITH! - A. Pierce

A good experience for me was attending Anarchapulco. I was conflicted because it was a long way from home, a 27 hour bus ride, and I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t sure if I was doing something worthwhile or wasting my time.

I trudged on and learned all I could about this movement. I also met a lot of great people down there including Kallen. I went as far as to fund a couple of people with my hard earned money — a venture that has become something great.

The unsecure feeling that I had about this whole thing started to fade away when I realized the seeds that I planted started to grow before my eyes. - T. Hernandez

This is an sample of the many stories that I get from people about having the courage and faith to reach the finish line. I appreciate these people for sharing their stories.

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