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4 Resources That Will Make Life Easier For New Entrepreneurs

Starting out as an entrepreneur can be overwhelming. Often, most people subject themselves to a disease called Information Overload. They spend so much time researching instead of starting on their entrepreneurial journey. Information Overload is a deadly disease because it paralyzes you.

There are so many opinions floating around from many successful entrepreneurs. These successful entrepreneurs have based their journey on testing strategies and building upon the ones that bring them the most success. Please do not fall in the trap in following a dozen of successful entrepreneurs. It is best to follow one or two to avoid being subjected to information overload..

Many of my fans tell me that I inspire them. I am grateful and hope that you learn from my mistakes so you can start reaching the finish line faster.

In my bestselling book, I talk about how you can transition out of your 9 to 5 job by working at home. Mystery shopping can be a cool thing to do, at least temporarily. You can get paid for going on normal shopping trips. The only addition is that you will be required to record your observations. The pay varies but you can definitely make up to $2,000 a month in some cities.

I would recommend Shadow Shopper because it is an aggregator of mystery shopping assignments, which would prevent you from visiting dozens of those websites to look for work. You can have over 100 assignments in your local area to choose at your leisure.

The first thing that you need to start your entrepreneurial journey is a website. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. Some people may try to use WordPress or BlogSpot subdomains and expect to be taken seriously. Most people would consider them hobbyists, not entrepreneurs.

I would recommend using DreamHost. They are a PC Magazine's award-winning website provider. I use Squarespace for this website but you can use DreamHost in conjunction with it. It will give you more flexibility when you need it.

It is important to make your website as user-friendly as possible. If you truly know your audience, you should be able to answer their most frequently asked questions on your website. It is like being a psychic without actually being one. Give readers a reason to spend more time on your website.

Some entrepreneurial ventures will require you to have some significant startup funding. Crowdfunding is an option. Having credit is an another option.

You can try a service like Credit Sesame. They are a free service that will help you monitor your credit score. If your credit is awful, then you should consider crowdfunding while you restore your credit. Having good credit makes life a whole lot easier. It is another option in your financial arsenal. Options are good so have as many as possible.

Startup funding varies based on the business. It is important to know how much money you will need to start your business. Hopefully, once you have taken my advice about restoring your credit, you can begin approaching lenders to increase your chances of qualifying for funds.

You could go from bank to bank and get denied over and over again. I would not recommend it. Instead, optimize your time by using a resource like Money Today. It is a free service that gives you access to a group of lenders who are likely to be more flexible in funding your business.

Always check their interest rates to assure that they are competitive, according to your credit profile. People with good or excellent credit will always get better rates but sometimes you can get a good deal if you are a person who has fair or even bad credit.  

Since the Great Recession, I have helped over 2,000 people reach the finish line in their careers. I want you to reach the finish line too! As a bonus resource, I would recommend checking out episode 20 of my podcast. I am sure that you will find it as a good supplement to this blog post.

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