A Preview Into The Nomad Travel Trailer Life

A Preview Into The Nomad Travel Trailer Life

Ready to live on the road? Not quite sure yet? Let’s start with an orientation!


Expat vs Nomad: The 411 on These Lifestyles

The terms, expat and nomad, are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.


The Expat Entrepreneur: Spain (Day 7)

I did not move to Madrid or Barcelona. I moved to a city that is often overlooked by expats. Thankfully, I found the beauty lies between the two biggest Spanish cities.


The Expat Entrepreneur: Reaching The Finish Line Abroad

If you really want to start living life to the fullest, I encourage you to learn how to embrace uncertainty. It scares most people, but it is also why most people remain unfulfilled.