Expat vs Nomad: The 411 on These Lifestyles

The terms, expat and nomad, are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.


Uganda: A New Frontier Market to Reach The Finish Line

Unlike the hungry, crying black babies that you see on the U.S. mainstream media, there are some things that the media never tells you about Africa.


The Expat Entrepreneur: Spain (Day 7)

I did not move to Madrid or Barcelona. I moved to a city that is often overlooked by expats. Thankfully, I found the beauty lies between the two biggest Spanish cities.


The Expat Entrepreneur: Reaching The Finish Line Abroad

If you really want to start living life to the fullest, I encourage you to learn how to embrace uncertainty. It scares most people, but it is also why most people remain unfulfilled.