*NEW* Reaching The Finish Line: How to Thrive in the Generation Y Era

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Reaching The Finish Line Revision.jpg

*NEW* Reaching The Finish Line: How to Thrive in the Generation Y Era


FACT: Millennials Are The Most Influential Generation in America

Attention! Millennials are the nation’s biggest workforce. If you want to thrive in these upcoming years, you need to understand Generation Y better. Fellow Millennials, you are not excluded! There are things that you need to learn too! This book offers research and insights to help you reach the finish line in this Generation Y era.


Reaching the finish line is not always easy!

In a rapidly changing era, it is more important than ever to adjust with the trends, while investing in your personal and professional development. This 2nd book of the Reaching The Finish Line series equips you to thrive in this Millennial era. Do you want to reach the finish line?  

In this book, you will learn how to:

·         Eradicate The Born Victim Mentality

·         Increase Your Emotional Strength à No Gym Membership Necessary!

·         Using Your YOUniqueness to Your Advantage

·         Commit Tenaciously to Your Passion Whatever That Is…

·         Humble the “I Know That Already” Mind

·         Discover Your Entrepreneurial Identity (It May Surprise You...)

·         Employ The Most Powerful Form of Leverage

·         Defining Your Worth And Why You Are Much More Than Your Net Worth

·         Live Fully In Peace Among Every Moment (Including This Very Moment)


Reading this book is the catalyst to transformation and turns fear of change into the sky is the limit.”

- Mark Goulston M.D., International Best-Selling Author of Just Listen (The World’s #1 Book on Listening) and Podcast Host of Prison Letters with Dr. Mark Goulston


Kallen Diggs is the international best-selling author of Reaching The Finish Line: A Practical Guide to Discovering the Champion in You. It was recommended by The Huffington Post. He has been seen in The Houston Chronicle, Entrepreneur Magazine, and on Fox News. Meet him at www.reachingthefinishline.com

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